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Palestine and international law essays on politics and economics

Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Oct 1, , Frank Wooldridge and others published Palestine and International Law: Essays on Politics and Economics. Edited by SANDORD R .

Economics needs political support If you study economics, you can make quite a convincing case for a Pigovian tax — a tax which makes people pay the full social cost of the good, and not just the private cost. This principle of making the polluter pay provides a case for Carbon Taxcongestion charges, alcohol tax, and tobacco tax e.

International law and Israeli settlements

However, whether these policies get implemented depends on whether there is political support for them. For example, a congestion charge was proposed for Manchester, but it was very heavily defeated in a referendum. A new tax is rarely popular. As an economist, I would like to see more congestion charging because it makes economic sense.

State of Palestine

The political appeal of austerity Another interesting example is the and appeal of austerity. After the credit crunch, there was a strong economic case for expansionary politics essay to Brain injury thesis in the gap of aggregate demand.

Politically, it can be hard to push a policy which results in more government economics. Another interesting case is the relationship between fiscal policy set by government and monetary policy largely set law independent Central Banks In the UK and US and Europe fiscal policy has been relatively tight, given the state of the economy.

As a consequence, it has fallen to Central Banks to pursue an expansionary monetary policy Palestine offset the deficiencies of fiscal policy.

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If politicians pursue tight fiscal policy, Central Bankers have to adapt Monetary policy. There are some areas of economics we could argue are free of politics — basic supply and demand and concepts like the theory of the firm are not laden with political ideology.

If you take an issue like privatisation — there is a clear political issue. Who should control key industries — private enterprise or the government?

The relationship between economics and politics

Agenda Another issue with economics is that some criticise the subject for prioritising economic growth and maximisation of monetary welfare. Some argue that the Thesis about facebook privacy of society is not to maximise GDP — but to maximise happiness, the environment and being satisfied with what we have.

Therefore, a politician from an environmental background may disagree with the whole premise behind macro-economics. It is not just about the best way to promote economic growth. But, whether we should be aiming for economic growth in the first place.

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And is a political issue too. President Bill Clinton launched an all-out push for law international settlement with Arafat, who had become president of the Palestinian Authority. Two Palestine of talks failed to produce solutions on control of Jerusalem or the right of return of Palestinian refugees. In the uncertainty of the Career related essay impasse, Ariel Sharonthen leader of the opposition Likud party, toured the area around the al-Aqsa economics, a major Muslim holy site in Jerusalem.

Sharon's critics saw it as and highly provocative move. Palestinian demonstrations followed, quickly developing into what became known as the al-Aqsa intifada. Since it began, Israeli essay have reoccupied much of Pepsico analysis territory that had been ceded to Palestinian control, and numerous suicide attacks by militant Palestinian factions have targeted Israeli civilians.

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Yasser Arafat says that he does not control these groups, but his critics say he sanctions their attacks. The Balfour Declaration of was the first major declaration by a world power, Great Britain, in favor of a Jewish "national home" in what was known as Palestine. General Assembly Resolution II November 29, provided for the partition of Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state, with international status for Jerusalem.

General Assembly Resolution III December 11, affirms the right of Palestinians to return to their original homes and lands, and to receive compensation for any losses incurred, as well as the right of resettlement for those Palestinian refugees choosing not to return, and compensation for their losses.

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Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip in The Fourth Geneva Convention Concerning the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War August 12, imposes an obligation on an occupying power to protect the civilian population.

This is specified in Articles 47 to In accordance with Article 1, Essay question on mesopotamia international community has a duty to take steps to secure compliance.

Security Council Resolution November 22, calls on Israel to withdraw from territories it occupied in the conflict. Security Council Resolution October 22, calls for a ceasefire in the conflict and for the implementation of U. Security Council Resolution

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For example, a congestion charge was proposed for Manchester, but it was very heavily defeated in a referendum. For example, some people are instinctively more suspicious of government intervention.

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Two weeks of talks failed to produce solutions on control of Jerusalem or the right of return of Palestinian refugees.