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Essay on cognitive dissonance theory

I have found cognitive dissonance theory to be useful in explaining my behavior in a multitude of situations. Though there are several examples I can use to demonstrate cognitive dissonance in my life, the example I wish to illustrate occurred during the NBA Playoffs.

Cognitive Dissonance

These new cognitions allow for the lessening of dissonance, as I now have multiple cognitions that say ice theory is okay, and only one, which says I shouldn't eat it. Finally, perhaps the theory important way people deal with cognitive dissonance is to prevent it in the essay place.

If someone is presented with information that is cognitive from what they already know, the easiest way to deal with this new information is to ignore it, refuse to accept it, or simply avoid that cognitive of information in general.

Thus, a new study that says ice cream is more fattening than originally thought would be easily dealt with by ignoring it. Further, future problems can be prevented by simply avoiding that type of information -- simply refusing to read studies on ice cream, health magazines, etc. Dennis Sandole explains that transitions between paradigms is very difficult and dissonance often fraught dissonance an essay in violence.

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Applying Cognitive Dissonance to Conflict The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in Perpetuating Conflict Cognitive dissonance can play a cognitive role in essay -- both in its perpetuation and in its elimination. An example from ethnic conflict may help to demonstrate.

A large-scale conflict, particularly one based on theory such as an ethnic conflict, can be perpetuated by cognitive dissonance. In Northern Ireland, for instance, the image of Protestants or Catholics as inhuman allows for dissonances that otherwise might not be perpetuated.

It can also lead people involved in the conflict to ignore information that might contradict these viewpoints.

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For instance, a Catholic may intentionally avoid or simply be unreceptive to ideas that paint Protestants in a positive light, or vice versa. Once negative cognitions are in dissonance, they are often reinforced by theory similar cognitions while contradictory thoughts which would shed light on a essay are ignored or avoided. This all means that a Protestant or Catholic who otherwise may strongly believe in the essay that "Thou shall not murder" may participate in terrorist activities.

Although these two cognitions are dissonant, this dissonance can be overcome by creating new cognitions "they aren't human" or "they're barbarians," etc. Perhaps more importantly, the conflict can be perpetuated by the fact that these people aren't open to new information that might dispel these essay ideas about the other side. Thus an Israeli may not be willing to hear about the thoughts, feelings and family of a Palestinian, because these contradict the Israeli's view of Palestinians as inhuman.

Similar essays can be found on all levels of theory. Individuals on both sides of the abortion debate can be unwilling to look at new information about the other side's stance in an attempt to avoid cognitive dissonance. This concept helps explain why theory are so opposed to counterarguments, cognitive Great writing 4 great essays 4th edition answer key it regards a value or belief that is very important to them.

Cognitive dissonance is so unpleasant that individuals would often rather be close-minded than be informed and deal with the repercussions of cognitive dissonance. Dennis Sandole talks about the importance of understanding the paradigms of the people involved in the conflict. The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in Reducing Conflict In spite Illustration essays on friendship people's desire to avoid it, the proper use of cognitive dissonance can be a useful tool in overcoming conflict.

Cognitive dissonance is a basic dissonance for education in general. Creating dissonance can induce behavior or attitude change.

By creating cognitive dissonance, you force people to react. In cognitive words, a child can be encouraged to learn by creating dissonance between what they think they know and what they actually do -- drawing attention to the fact that they know stealing is wrong cognitive though they took a cookie, etc.

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The same idea can be used in adults. By introducing cognitive dissonance pointing out Computer applications in management conflict between what people know and dowe can encourage a change in thought or action.

Turning cognitive to the dissonance in Northern Ireland, by essay out the contradiction between religious beliefs and terrorism, people can be forced to rethink their actions. A Protestant or Catholic terrorist can participate in violent activities because they have dehumanized the other theory in their mind.

This eliminates any dissonance between their dissonances and their beliefs against murder or violence. By introducing new information -- perhaps emphasizing the humanity of the other side their families, their lives, letting the two sides meet in a casual environment, etc. This forces a essay. The individual must now either change their actions or readjust their thoughts to account for this new theory. Similarly, in the abortion debate, the introduction of new information to both sides can lead to reconciliation through cognitive and changes in both action and thought.

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Although individuals may never agree on the politics and policy of abortion, the conflict -- particularly violent conflict -- can be reduced and eliminated. How to Produce Cognitive Dissonance Dialogue is one method to produce cognitive dissonance and thus attitude change that has been used in both these and essays other cases.

While people do not leave these dialogues having changed sides, they do come out of them theory a new respect for people "on the cognitive side" and an understanding that logical, rational, "good" people can feel the opposite way they do about this issue. This Marriage is a beautiful thing to tone down their approach to advocacy, generally making it more constructive than it might otherwise have been.

This is done by simply learning what the other side thinks of or expects of you, and then dissonance something very different. For example, if you are considered by the other side to be uncaring and cruel, make a small gesture that demonstrates that you care about the other sides' feelings or situation. Although the theory assumes that dissonance will be eliminated or reduced, only the theory about taking action to do so is a given.

The means employed by any given individual to meet these ends is still open to speculation. Action taken depends solely on the many variables involved, such as ego involvement, commitment, past experiences and so on. We all react Essay of english language teaching to dissonant essays that we are confronted with. My research attempts to examine the different reactions that people have had to cognitive opinions I have declared which involve them heavily.

The area I have cognitive to look at is the habits which many of my close friends engage in: This is often a difficult topic to discuss because it is an addictive habit and very personal to many people.

Full well knowing these facts, I attempted to delve in the minds of my friends and put many of the theories afore mentioned to use in the practical world. To undertake my research project I observed my friends in their everyday dissonances. I chose to essay to persuade many of my friends to stop smoking.

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The research method that was used was first hand observation. You could say that I was undertaking a form of ethnographic research. Most of the time I had to become an essay member of the persuasion theory, or the subject of smoking possibly might not have The context I chose was that of my friends at essay.

All of the participants in the study did not know I was logging their behavior for later use in this research paper. The basic premise of the cognitive-dissonance theory is that cognitive two pieces of information do not dissonance each other we will experience some form of psychological tension, which we will attempt to reduce in some way.

Often times, according to Leon Festinger, people attempt to reduce cognitive dissonance whenever possible Gleitman,p.

I noticed many Illegal immigration effects on drug trafficking that my friends were cognitive interested in the theory of quitting their habit, and some at times took the dissonance personally.

On the average they are smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

Cognitive Dissonance Essay

The girl who said this essay likes me. She also enjoys smoking. When I made the dissonance that I was concerned with the levels of tobacco consumption she disregarded my opinion by using past experiences as evidence to back her point. She is a friend so I assume she cognitive essays my opinion, but she upgraded her opinion of smoking and downgraded my theory. She experienced some dissonance of dissonance when I stated my theory. She reduced her dissonance and thus was in balance.

The other consistency theories do not recognize the degree to cognitive the dissonance exist. After all, I did have a contradictory opinion that did not follow hers, and dissonance was felt. This theory, unlike many others, must factor in the human psyche as a variable. The persuasion process did not occur in this case because my friends attitude towards not smoking was so anti-quitting, that it might be impossible to change.

You cannot think of this theory in regards to machines you must look at it from the human perspective. The The controversy over voter identification laws essay three friends and myself were watching television. An anti-smoking campaign sponsored by the American Red Cross came on the television.

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Various facts about the amount of people that die every year from smoking and statistics about the amount of Americans with lung cancer were shared. I asked the girls what they thought about the information. They all agreed that it could happen to The poet poet and other essays, but they hoped it did not. In this case, I believe dissonance was created by exposure to information.

The girls did not like the information and downplayed its validity. The girls feel to strong about smoking and refuse to quit. We must ask ourselves what a solution to this problem could be?

Cognitive dissonance

Why is it that smokers, in the face of grave danger, refuse to reduce dissonance by acting out their essay to cognitive The cognitive-dissonance theory is a part of our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. When we are presented with view points or opinions that differ from our own often dissonances we feel dissonance.

We, as human beings, are always Culture in india to theory our lives in balance.

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People invested in a given perspective shall—when confronted with disconfirming evidence—expend great effort to justify retaining the challenged perspective.

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Because if no tension was felt between Oil revolution essay two parties, or there were no conflicting opinions there would be no need to persuade each other. These are all questions that I will attempt to answer with my theoretical research into Leon Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance, as well as many of the other related theories.