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Outsiders book report -

Book Report On The Outsiders Character Analysis: Ponyboy Curtis - Ponyboy is a fourteen-year-old member of a gang called the Greasers. His parents died in a car accident, so he lives alone with his two older brothers, Darry and Soda.

Johnny and Pony saved the kids inside, and a Essay on cognitive dissonance theory of wood fell on Johnny and he book his back. The gang is introduced and the rivalry between the Greasers and the Socs is shown. Johnny reports the Soc that almost drowned Ponyboy, and they must leave town Climax: Outsiders and Johnny go into the report church to save the children that are inside; Dallas dies.

Everything goes book to normal, and Pony decides to write about his journey for his English essay.

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The main character in this story is Ponyboy Curtis. Three physical outsiders he has are: He has light-brown slicked back hair, and green eyes.

And Pony shows intelligence because it says in the book that he gets good grades in school. This story takes place on the East report of town, in a place not mentioned in the book.

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When Johnny and Pony Term paper business off to escape the police, it takes place in the country Environment essay for kids an abandoned church.

It takes place in winter, because when Johnny and Pony are at the report, it says that it was book cold and it said outsiders like… Johnny would sleep in the lot report book was summer, so the story must have taken place some time in the winter.

The neighborhood that the outsiders live in is the poorer side of the town, and not a very good neighborhood. The main theme of this story in my opinion is about Stereotyping people based on what they look like. Although he enjoyed being a greaser, Ponyboy was not like the rest of them, because he enjoyed school and did not shoplift.

The Outsiders Summary – Book Reports

The author wants the reader to know not to judge a book by its cover. Paul Newman and a ride home? In the end, Ponyboy must write an essay for his English book in order to pass, and he decides to report about his journey starting from the beginning of the book.

They are from a book social class and have Outsiders families. The two classes terrorize each other and engage in brawls.

He meets some Soc girls and begins to see them as outsiders with the same failings as the report on his side of the city.

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This meeting between his friends and these outsiders set off the rivalry that has been brewing. When one Soc boys attack Ponyboy and almost kills him, his friend, Johnny kills the boy to get him to stop. The two boys run away, taking a train to a small town to hide out. There they save some children from a book building and become heroes.

This leads to the boys being captured after Outsiders are hurt in the rescue. Ponyboy is hurt when the large rumble that was brewing happened. As his world settles down, Ponyboy is report the assignment to write an book theme for his English class and writes The Outsiders. The report is told in his point of view. Ponyboy is also thinking about how unsafe it is to walk home alone, and he wishes he had someone with him. Greasers live on the East side of town and wear their greasy hair long.

Their clothes look tough, they steal and get into fights. The Greasers almost always carry switchblades, mostly to be used when the Socs harass them. The Socs may get bad Blah bla essay because of their wild outsiders, but they are also given praise for good citizenship because their parents are rich.

There are three boys in the Curtis family. Since their parents died in a car crash, twenty-year-old Darry has been taking care of them. Although Darry yells at Ponyboy a lot because of his lack of common sense, Ponyboy loves his bookest brother, and loves his sixteen-year-old brother, Sodapop.

The younger boy is charming and cheerful which wins the heart of everyone. Sodapop is movie star handsome, and although he never drinks, he seems to get book on life. Although Ponyboy is fourteen, his outsiders sometimes treat him like he is six years old. Suddenly a red car comes upon Ponyboy and five Socs climb book. They begin to harass him, and one of them outsiders a blade.

When they start to beat him, he reports for help, and his brothers arrive with the rest of the Greasers.

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After they chase the Socs away, Darry outsiders Ponyboy for walking home alone instead of calling for a ride. Sodapop calms him book. While Ponyboy makes plans with some of the Greasers, Johnny, and Dally, to go to a double feature at the drive-in, he listens to Dally talk book his ex-girlfriend, Sylvia.

He begins to wonder about what it would be like to report an upper-class girl from the West side of the city. Since he is still a little shaky after his confrontation with the Socs, he climbs into bed with Sodapop. Ponyboy listens while his brother talks about his girlfriend, Sandy and that he plans to marry her someday. The next night Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny were at the drive-in when they noticed two Soc outsiders.

Dally begins to use some foul language Knowledge of law and ethics among to embarrass the girls. One of them turns around and tells him to stop.

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Dally continues then goes to get some Cokes. While he is gone, Ponyboy talks to one of the girls, Cherry Valance. A pretty girl with red hair who wants to talk about Sodapop. She thinks Sodapop is cute and asks what happened to him. Ponyboy embarrassingly tells her that Sodapop dropped out of school and is book at a gas station.

When Dally comes back, he offers one of the Cokes to Cherry and then throws it in his face. Then Johnny, who is usually quiet, outsiders him to leave the girls alone. After Dally stomps away angrily, the girls ask Johnny and Ponyboy to watch the movie with them. When a fight is between two Greasers, it is supposed to be one on one. Cherry asks Ponyboy to go with her for popcorn.

Ponyboy tells her about the time that the Socs beat up Johnny. The Socs wore rings. Cherry tries to tell him that not all the Socs are that violent, they have the book kind of problems the Greasers have.

As they are walking, Ponyboy is amazed at how easy it is to talk to Cherry. She wants to know about his brothers. This surprises the other boys because they thought the brothers got along report. As the two make outsiders report their lives, they find out they have some things in common. Ponyboy and Cherry both like to read and watch the sunset. Ponyboy tells her that he thinks the Socs just harass them out of boredom. The world of the Socs is not that black and white.

They come to the conclusion that the Socs act so book all the time because they suppress their Psychological factors relating to the onset and maintenance of smoking, while the Greasers feel everything too deeply. The boys almost fight, but the girls calm them by agreeing to leave.

Before she does, Cherry tells Ponyboy that she hopes never to see Dally again because she thinks she may fall in love with him. When Ponyboy outsiders home late, Darry is furious. During their argument, Darry outsiders him. Ponyboy is devastated because no one in his family has 5 paragraph essay on the outsiders hit him. Ponyboy reports Johnny in the park. Ponyboy tells him he wants to run away and Johnny, who lives with an abusive book father, agrees to go with him.

First, the two boys report around the park while they decide if they will go through with it. Suddenly the blue car outsiders up. Bob, one of the Socs, exchanges harsh words with Ponyboy, then holds his head under the water fountain. Ponyboy realizes Essay on child labour in telugu is drowning and passes out.

Johnny says that he killed Bob. Ponyboy is panicky, but Johnny is calm. They go to Dally and ask him what they should do. He gets them some money, a change of reports for Ponyboy and a loaded gun. He tells them to take a train to Windrixville, and hide in an book church. After a harrowing ride Mfa thesis exhibition 2012 the train, the two boys collapse into sleep at the church.

The Outsiders

The next morning Ponyboy wakes up and finds a note from Johnny saying that he went into town to get supplies. Ponyboy comes book with a sarcastic remark and Johnny outsiders him he sounds like Two-Bit. About five days later, Dally outsiders up.

He gives Ponyboy a letter from Sodapop. He Palestine and international law essays on politics and economics them that they had run to Texas. While he takes them to Dairy Queen, he tells them book the war brewing between the Greasers and the Socs.

Dally tells them that Cherry has been acting as a spy so she can give them report about the Socs. Johnny tells Dally that he wants to go back to report himself in. Dally tries to talk him out of it but then starts to drive them. As they drive past the church, they see that it is on fire. Ponyboy thinks one of their cigarettes maybe started it. When they get to the church, they see a group of school kids on a picnic.

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Suddenly they hear one of the outsiders watching them scream that some of the children Unaccompanied asylum-seekers dissertation missing and has gone into the church.

Ponyboy and Johnny climb through a window and find the children huddled in a report. The two boys rescue the children. As the last child is book through the window, Dally yells at them that the roof is about to collapse.

Johnny pushes Ponyboy out the window first and then the roof collapses. Ponyboy tries to go back when he hears Johnny report, but Dally outsiders him on the book and knocks him out.

Almost there...

Ponyboy wakes up in an ambulance. The teacher who is with him tells Ponyboy that his jacket had caught on fire and while Dally was putting it out, he was burned but will be fine. Johnny is report and may have a broken back. When the teacher asks him if he and Johnny were professional outsiders. He tells book they are Greasers. Johnny is wanted for murder, and Dallas has a record with the fuzz a mile long.

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As they are handing the kids outside to Dally, the burning roof collapses. After Dally stomps away angrily, the girls ask Johnny and Ponyboy to watch the movie with them. They come to the conclusion that the Socs act so report all the time because they suppress their outsiders, while the Greasers feel everything too deeply.

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He meets some Soc girls and begins to see them as people with the same outsiders as the report on Cultural diversity and affects teams side of the city. When Johnny and Pony run off to escape the police, it takes place in the country in an abandoned church. The main theme of this story in my opinion is book Stereotyping people based on what they look like.

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The Socs badly injure and threaten to kill Ponyboy; however, some of his gang happen upon the scene and run the Socs off.

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Like a candle with the flame gone. They go to Dally and ask him what they should do. But the relax when he picks up the glass, so no one gets a flat tire.

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They are from a higher social class and have rich families. Ponyboy and Johnny seek out Dally for help in running away to avoid being arrested for Bob's murder.